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Toulouse Lifestyle

Toulouse "Joie de Vivre"

Home to a number of amazing monuments in Toulouse whose centre you can explore by food or by bike. The Saint Saint-Sernin basilica ( one of the biggest Roman buildings in the West ) Experience the majesty of the Jacobin convent a gem of Southern French Gothic Art and Place Saint Sernin the heart of ” La Ville Rose ” historic center from the 9/11th centuries.

Warm, spontaneous, passionate, Toulouse is the capital of Occitania. It welcomes you to its orange brick haven sculpted by 2000 years of history. Top landmarks and sites devoted to aeronautical and space culture happily sit side by side. The blend of sunshine, party atmosphere and carefree lifestyle make it a city where many French people dream of living. “A regular rendez vous” Place Saint George below.

Toulouse isn’t just buzzing with art with its 20 museums. It is also the home of the Ariane rocket, Concorde and Airbus.

Worlds first flight of the Airbus A380, the largest ever passenger plane, from Toulouse celebrated live from Place du Capitole.

Toulouse has a passionate relationship with its river, the Garonne. Stunning houses line its sun-soaked brick promenades in the shade of the plane trees.Thelively Port de la Daurade Place Saint -Pierre are a regular venue for locals enjoying the sumptuous sunsets..

On the edge of the charming Jardin des Plantes and Grand Rond, the Natural History Museum is the biggest in France.

Vivez à la Toulousain.
You will love Toulouse and its Italian vibe. In the increasingly pedestrian centre, brick splashes everything with its pink,red and orange shades. It is a direct descendant from Roman times. Admire the architectural features: columns, caryatids in Renaissance mansions. Have a coffee in squares gushing with fountains. And of course, enjoy the boutiques, restaurants and cafés that make Toulouse a trendy yet friendly city.

Toulouse is sumptuous in spring, hot in summer, exuberant in autumn and wonderful in winter. The brick is still orange, the streets are lit up and
everyone flocks to the Place du Capitole . Weddings, the visit by the Queen Elizabeth, Rugby Champions of Europe Le Stade Toulousain.


Capitole Toulouse