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A lot as been said about the traumas of the world recession, European geoeconomics and not forgetting « Brexit » ! , but for those who listen to their heart can now also realize their dreams and a wise investment decision for the future. The pound euro exchange rate has seen a drop of about 22% since 2008. However sale prices today have readjusted since and represent on average a reduction of 35% in south west France. What ever your nationality opportunities should be seized because the prime historic country properties only change hands every 20 years or more. In addition the south west continues to be good value compared to the traditional destinations of Provence, the Cote d’ Azur or areas of Italy and Spain. The time to invest in your dream home in south west France. Offering an outstanding variety of picturesque landscapes, timeless treasures, lifestyle dreams and much more. The unique and in-depth knowledge of Jonathan Charles will turn the excellent value opportunities of today into exciting experiences and priceless memories of the future.